About the Conference:

The plant vascular system, comprised of phloem and xylem, is responsible for the delivery of all the organic and inorganic resources and signaling molecules including RNAs, proteins, Ca2+, ROS throughout the plant body. Therefore, the vascular system plays pivotal roles in long-distance signaling, regulating growth and development, crop yield, forest production, and stress responses.
The Plant Vascular Biology Conference brings together scientists from around the world to discuss exciting breakthroughs in plant vascular biology and to create bridges between basic and applied research. The conference was initiated by William J. Lucas (CA, USA), with a focus on plant vascular function, signaling, and development. PVB2022 is built on the very successful meetings first held in Taipei, Taiwan 2007, in the USA at Ohio State University in 2010, in Helsinki, Finland in 2013, in Shenzhen, China 2016 and in Asilomar, USA 2019.
It provides important opportunities to exchange novel research on the evolution of long-distance communication, development, structure, biochemistry and physiology, and modelling of xylem and phloem biology. The scope will also encompass loading and unloading mechanisms, regulation of transport, and short and long distance signaling in tissue differentiation processes and response to environmental challenges.

Local Organizing Committee:

Friedrich Kragler, Golm, Germany
Julia Kehr, Hamburg, Germany
Rainer Hedrich, Würzburg, Germany
Uwe Sonnewald, Erlangen, Germany

International Advisory Board:

Yong-Ling Ruan, Newcastle, Australia
Yrjo Helariutta, Cambridge, UK
Michael Knoblauch, WSU, USA
Salome Prat, Barcelona, Spain
Sylvie Dinant, INRA Centre de Versailles-Grignon, France
Mechthild Tegeder, WSU, USA
Kaare Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark
David Braun, USA
Tim Brodribb, Australia
Karin Schuhmacher, Heidelberg, Germany
Yi-Fang Tsay, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Koh Aoki Japan

PVB2022 is supported by:

DBG     DFGJExpBotanyBASFCLF Plant Climatics American Society of Plant Physiologists